New Boobquake Song

by Luke Muehlhauser on September 23, 2010 in Funny,Islam

When Tehran prayer leader Kazem Seddiqi said that immodestly-dressed women were responsible for recent earthquakes, Purdue student Jennifer McCreight dubbed such an attire-caused geological disturbance a “boobquake.”

The international media picked it up, and now there are boobquake songs, videos, and even a boobquake video game.

Now there is a new boobquake song called “Boys Love Earthquakes,” from Nichole Alden’s new album, You Are Not Alone:

Cover your head
Beauty must hide
Silence your lips
Keeping Inside
Far too tempting to uncover what they might
Beautiful girl, this submission isn’t right

Don’t shake, shake, shake
They don’t allow
Don’t shake, shake, shake
It’s all your fault now

Listen below:


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