Index of Bibliographies on Common Sense Atheism

by Luke Muehlhauser on November 18, 2009 in Indexes,Resources


On this blog I write about philosophy of religion and ethics. Sometimes I argue, sometimes I reflect, sometimes I post a funny video. But one of my main tasks is to assist my readers in thinking about these issues for themselves; to make the task of philosophy easier, whatever your conclusions.

To this end, I regularly post under the category of Resources, which includes helpful lists of philosophers, philosophy journals, gods, other people’s writings, audio downloads, useful software, debates, and more.

I also write helpful bibliographies for certain subjects, and link to electronic copies of as many articles on the subject as possible. These are invaluable to any student of that subject. (At least, they have been invaluable to me.) I usually focus on the very latest and greatest articles on the subject – not ancient works that have been superseded or improved upon in recent decades.

Here, then, is an index of all the bibliographies available on this site:

(more to come)

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