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by Luke Muehlhauser on February 1, 2009 in Christian Theology,Funny,General Atheism,Video

Today I discovered YouTuber NonStampCollector, who creates hilarious videos that expose the lunacy of theistic thinking. The above video shows the differences between the vengeful and murderous Yahweh versus the meek and forgiving Jesus. (These differences were so great that Marcion, an early disciple of the Apostle Paul, assumed Jesus was unrelated to Yahweh.)

Below is a great video illustrating the absurdity of the believer who disbelieves in thousands of gods, and yet if you disbelieve in just one of them (Yahweh), then you are evil and have no basis for morality and can’t explain the origins of the world and all that.

Next, a video on the stupidity of Yahweh’s “mercy”:

Next, NonStampCollector tackle the terrifying anti-morality of Abraham’s willingness to murder his own son when he heard a voice in his head:

Next: Intelligent Design Wins! (now stand by for details)

Next, the silliness and arrogance of re-interpreting Jesus words for the modern era. This one is particularly brilliant:

NonStampCollector has some serious videos, too. Here’s one with a particularly potent ending:

Yes, people still do this shit, because their ancient, barbaric book of anti-morality tells them to.

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nonstampcollector February 19, 2009 at 2:23 am

Hi there-
this is NSC. Thanks for all this featuring, I’m honored!
Are you on youtube? What’s your name there?
Send me a message on youtube, i guess from my channel page.



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