Alonzo Fyfe’s Guest Posts on Applied Ethics (index)

by Luke Muehlhauser on January 19, 2010 in Ethics,Indexes

The ethical theory I currently defend is desirism. But I mostly write about moraltheory, so I rarely discuss the implications of desirism for everyday moral questions about global warming, free speech, politics, and so on. So I invited Alonzo Fyfe of Atheist Ethicist to write about applied ethics every Tuesday. (Keep in mind that questions of applied ethics are complicated and I do not necessarily agree with Fyfe’s moral calculations.)

Here are Alonzo’s guest posts here at Common Sense Atheism.

  1. Are Creationists Worthy of Moral Condemnation?
  2. Securing One’s Beliefs
  3. Is It Morally Irresponsible to Believe in a God?
  4. What is Freedom of Speech?
  5. Teaching Science
  6. The Cost of Climate Change
  7. A Capitalist Solution for Climate Change?
  8. The Ethics of a Carbon Tax
  9. Torture in Desperate Circumstances
  10. Natural Value
  11. The Virtue of Charity
  12. Ethics and Space Development
  13. Ethics and Despair
  14. Practical Morality
  15. Why We Should Not Torture Children
  16. Homosexual Desire
  17. The Pledge Decision
  18. Theists Successfully Herd the Unbelieving ‘Cats’
  19. Atheist Pride
  20. All the Desires That Exist
  21. Health and Well-Being
  22. The Definition of Morality
  23. The Morality of Challenging Belief in God
  24. There’s a God for That
  25. Draw Mohammed
  26. In Praise of Insults
  27. Criticism of Atheists
  28. Trivial Hobbies
  29. The Problem with Scripture
  30. The Gulf Oil Spill and Moral Negligence
  31. Marketing Science
  32. Morality and Sexy Scientists
  33. Sexy Scientists and Objectification
  34. Gluttony and Superlust
  35. Irrationality, Religion, and Morality
  36. Morally Blameless Ignorance
  37. Bigots on Parade
  38. ‘Short List’ Theories of Morality
  39. Burning the Koran on 9/11
  40. Who is Responsible for Violence?
  41. Murder
  42. Rape and Consent
  43. Morally Permissible Slavery
  44. Theft
  45. Self-Sacrifice
  46. Lying
  47. Sophistry
  48. Negligence and Excuses
  49. “Thank You” Giving Day
  50. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
  51. Reckless Believers and Church-State Separation

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